The 2024
Global Virtual Summit for Career & Skill Development

The 2024 Global Summit for Career and Skill Development which will be held live on June 7th (PDT) and June 8th (IST). The Summit’s theme this year is “Resilience Reimagined: Empowering Communities, Shaping Futures”.

Global Emerging Leadership Programs.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between relevant skills and new careers

Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP) is a social enterprise aimed at developing leadership programs for students and young professionals through skill development, education abroad opportunities, leadership conferences, mentorship and guidance programs. With GELP you can achieve:

  • Global Perspectives

    Build your global perspectives with workshops and events hosted by leading professionals

  • Microcredentials & Digital Badges

    Earn microcredentials and digital badges to further develop your leadership capabilities

  • Employable Skills

    Develop your employable skills through our global leadership conferences

  • Networking

    Network with global leaders, employers and young professionals.

Introducing GELP's Inclusion Partner:
Jagriti School for Blind Girls

On November 18, 2022, the GELP Global Delegation visited the Jagriti School for Blind Girls and coordinated a leadership program with some of the amazing students at the school. Students participated in experiential workshops, and alums of the school shared their experiences and career journeys! We look forward towards building this new partnership.


Global Summit Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making the 2024 Global Summit for Career and Skill Development a success! To learn more visit the Global Virtual Summit page.


Global Virtual Summit
For Career & Skill Development

The Global Virtual Summit for Career and Skill Development is Canada’s largest virtual youth skills summit and in 2023, we engaged with over 10,000 students and young professionals from around the world.

Senior Leadership Panel - The Challenge Mindset: What's Your Path?

This panel inspired and equipped attendees to embrace challenges, navigate uncertainty, and find meaning in their work. This panel featured experts and thought leaders who shared their insights on how to develop a challenge mindset, find purpose and fulfillment in one's career, and make a positive impact in the world.

Workshop #1 - Women Leaders on Overcoming Challenges and Driving Change

This workshop featured successful women leaders who had overcome significant obstacles and barriers in their careers and personal lives. They shared their experiences and best practices, highlighting the skills and attitudes that had helped them to persevere through adversity and emerge as strong, effective leaders.

Workshop #2 - Future of Work - Automation and AI in the Workplace

This workshop explored the potential opportunities and challenges that these technologies presented for businesses, workers, and society at large. Attendees learned about the latest trends in automation and AI, and how they were impacting industries such as education, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

Global Awards
Participating Countries
Summit Reflections

Global Leadership Award:
Nôthé Wasté

On May 6, 2022, the Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP) honoured Vivek Savkur, Founder of BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) with GELP’s first annual Global Leadership Award, named Nôthé Wasté. An official award announcement will be presented at the 2022 Global Summit for Career & Skill Development in June.

“Nôthé Wasté refers to good spirit. In Nakota values a good spirit refers to a person who is kind, humble, honouring of others, respectful of all our relations, human and beyond.”

- Elder Wilson Bearhead, 2022
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Global Testimonials

Check out some of the impacts and stories related to testimonials for those involved and/or connected to GELP.

In life we often come across opportunities that help us develop as a person. For me that has been GELP. It has equipped me with the relevant skills to develop further as a person and professional in a new country.

Malika Minotra

Excited to learn about this opportunity that  is focused on connection, especially with people across the globe. During the pandemic everyone was isolated and lacking social interactions. GELP provided a platform to re-evaluate where we're at and how we should move forward to develop essential employment skills.

Victoria Bowns

Universities provide technical and theory based learning but the practical soft skills required by most employers are not necessarily included in the standard curriculum. GELP provides a platform for students and young professional to learn and showcase these valuable skills that are essential to their career development.

Hardik Jadvani