November 15, 2022

GELP prepares and launches its First Multi-City Tour of India - 9 cities in 18 days

November 15, 2022

GELP prepares and launches its First Multi-City Tour of India - 9 cities in 18 days


The Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP), a new social enterprise that was launched in 2020, is heading to India on November 17th with a delegation of 20 distinguished professionals, academics, social innovators, Indigenous Elders and Indigenous Knowledge Keepers. In accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, GELP supports the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples calls to action and will be one of the first organizations to offer in-person skills-based workshops with an Indigenous worldview in 9 cities across India.

The 2022 Global Marketplace for Career and Skill Development hosted its launch and kick-off meeting this past Sunday, in Nanaimo, after months of planning. Founder and President Omar Karim is extremely pleased with the progress that the members of his newly founded organization have accomplished in such a short time.

“In response to concerns we heard from new graduates and employers, GELP emerged as platform to support skill development. We strive to address the question- How can prospective candidates attain the soft skills required to acquire their dream job or career in an ever-changing society?”

Omar Karim is a social entrepreneur and academic professional who works in the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning department at Vancouver Island University and is the National Director of the Moose Hide Campaign. He has had first-hand experience with new graduates, who have consistently approached him for assistance in finding employment.  Karim states, “The influence of the pandemic has changed how we interact as a global community and there is shift in the types of required skills needed for new careers and emerging industries”.

Realizing that there was a very real need for highly specific skill development, GELP, Global Emerging Leadership Programs, was born.

GELP Director of International Partnerships, Dr. Srividya Mouli states, “We had our first Global Summit in June 2022, and it was successful with delegates participating from 15 countries and 4 different continents. The high level of engagement and momentum was a clear sign to proceed to the next level and host in person workshops. With an emerging economy and strong ancestral ties to India, the country was the logical destination for a tour of this nature.

“We are so proud of the partnerships we’ve established in such a short period of time and are excited to build upon relationships that were established from our first visit in 2020, pre-pandemic”, states Joel Hampson, Director of Campus Engagement at GELP.

Karim continues, “A big thank you to all GELP Special Advisors, GELP team members, Global Marketplace delegates, volunteers, student participants, and all partners for making this dream into a reality. We are so humbled to have Elder Wilson Bearhead join us in India and ground our intentions at GELP”

The purpose of the 2022 Global Marketplace is to

• Present unique pathways to education by providing a world view through the lens of Canadian Indigenous Elders

• Conduct workshops using skills-based training that will include intercultural competencies and conflict resolution strategies that will help emerging leaders develop sustainable skills

• Create global shared perspectives through the art of storytelling

• In accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, we aim to support Calls to Action as it relates to the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

• Develop a global platform for knowledge exchange between different cultures, peoples, ways of learning and understanding

• Conduct workshops on topics relevant to the local economy, university/college, and corporate partners

The delegates will arrive in Mumbai on November 17.

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The Global Emerging Leadership Programs values lifelong learning as a fundamental principle to leadership development and personal growth. At GELP, we value the opportunity to build connections and bridge the gap between relevant skills and new careers. GELP’s goal is to promote leadership development and to equip global leaders with the tools to create change and impact within their communities.

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