Digital Badges​

Our digital badge program enables you to showcase skills and competencies that you have gained through a range of learning experiences.

What is a GELP Digital Badge?

A digital badge issued by the Global Emerging Leadership Program(s) (GELP) is a visual microcredential that demonstrates the learning outcomes or relevant skills that you have achieved through the participation of our leadership conferences and programs.

Each digital badge showcases when it was issued, the skills covered, and the earning criteria. The criteria transparency builds the badge’s credibility and demonstrates your relevant skill development. This can be shared on LinkedIn or within your e-portfolio.

How can you achieve your digital badge with GELP?

At GELP we are committed to experiential learning and skill development through self-reflective practices. Each GELP program will have a specific digital badge associated with the learning outcomes and relevant skills achieved. Once you attend a GELP program/initiative, you will then be asked to fill out your reflection to demonstrate your commitment to the activity and skill.This reflection is then reviewed by industry and academic professionals to ensure that the understanding of the specific skill set has been achieved through reflection and active participation.

Co-Developed with Industry Leaders

Our microcredentials/digital badges are co-developed with industry leaders to define the type of skill sets and competencies that are necessary to support the new and emerging skill economy. We also build our digital badge framework through accessing the skill and knowledge gap between young professionals and new developing careers. ​

Global Skill Development

By attending the programs offered by GELP, you will be able to earn digital badges that recognize the development of a variety of leadership competencies and relevant skills which is applicable to the following industries:

Health Care
Social Sciences