Explore the Leader in You

Top student leaders selected for an all-expenses paid trip to British Columbia, Canada - Applications closed!

Competition Overview

"Explore the Leader in You," is an international competition designed to empower students to showcase their leadership skills. The competition features case studies, fundraising challenges, and essay questions that test participants' presentation skills, critical thinking abilities and other soft skills. The top-performing students will be shortlisted for interviews and those selected will earn a coveted spot in an all-expenses-paid leadership program in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. During this two-week program, these student leaders will engage in academic learning, adventure-based learning, co-curricular activities, and practical work experiences. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the leader in you!

1. Register Now

Congratulations, you are now registered and connected to the GELP Global Network. The "Explore the Leader in You" application will give you access to exclusive workshops and course content on the GELP Learning Platform where you can earn a GELP digital badge for your e-portfolio or LinkedIn profile.

2. Complete Application - April 21

You will now have access to the “Explore the Leader in You” application form. The application form will include questions related to your background and  relevant experience. There will short answer questions followed by a brief case study.  The application deadline will be April 21, 2023. We encourage all competitors to submit their application as soon as possible for priority shortlisting.

3. Shortlist Interviews

Up to 100 candidates from across India will be shortlisted for interviews. Interviews will take place with the GELP International Competition Selection Committee.  All shortlisted candidates will be notified by the end of April 2023. Each sponsored seat is valued at $10,000 CAD!

4. Receive Recognition + Winner Announcement

All applicants will receive a GELP Digital Badge for the completion of the free workshops.  Through completion of workshop and course content, applicants will also be able to secure a reserve and free seat at the 2023 Global Virtual Summit for Career and Skill Development (valued at $125 CAD).  Top performing students will be selected for the all expenses paid leadership program in British Columbia, Canada and will be notified in mid-May 2023.

Speakers & Experiences
Trip Value (CAD)
Week One

Leadership through reflective learning

This week is focused on the journey of a reflective learner and how this relates to leadership. Growth in leadership is about overcoming challenges. In order to move forward, we need to pause and reflect on how we arrived at our current destination. This establishes a foundation on which we can envision the future and set ourselves up for success. The program for Week 1 includes:

  • Developing your Global Competency

    Develop your understanding and discover the opportunity

  • Research and Analytics

    Gain insight into business performance & evaluative measures of success

  • Excursions

    Experience learning through the lens of adventure, technology, team building and sustainable practices

Week Two

Tools for change

Change is a word that is dynamic in nature and important for leaders to continue to grow. Week 2 provides an opportunity to build tools for leaders to adapt and excel in an ever-changing world. This weeks program includes:

  • Social innovation

    Develop your understanding and discover the opportunity

  • Indigenous and Co-Curricular learning

    Build your intercultural competencies through Canadian Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing

  • Toastmaster

    Learn the art of concise narration and story-telling

  • Goal setting

    Sustainable project management

  • Global Case Competition

    Compete for the opportunity to win up to 4 Global Awards and tuition prizes

Locations Across British Columbia

Join GELP at our signature leadership program held in one of North America's most desired destinations. “Explore the Leader in You” will take place over the span of two weeks in the following cities: Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria.


British Columbia, Canada

49.2827° N, 123.1207° W


British Columbia, Canada

49.1659° N, 123.9401° W


British Columbia, Canada

48.4284° N, 123.3656° W